Donna being a veterinarian
and giving a dying pig a
shot! (We both lived)
Maybe playing soccer with
the kids isn't such a good
Donna and a "new"one.
Donna and lots of little friends.
This little one would
not turn loose of
Poppy Eldon!
I wondered where
my sunglasses
A haircut with a rusty razor
blade. He only bled a little bit.
Eldon and two former witch doctors,
whose lives were transformed by  Jesus,
became turned-on Christian evangelists.
They have walked many miles going to
voodoo villages, winning devil
worshippers to  Jesus!
Grinding corn
and coffee
beans is quite
a chore.
This is how you
announce for
people to come to
church service in a
jungle...they hear
the beating of the
drum and know
it's time.
Musical instrument in a
jungle church.
Lots of help pushing the jeep
out of jungle mud!
A little one with glasses but
without any "glass"in them.
Sometimes things just don't go
the way you want.
Which one is the missionary?