Feeling a lot like the "Granny Clampett"of Haiti, Donna has been
going into the mountains and jungles for the past 30 years
having medical clinics, even occasionally in areas where no
other missionary has ever been!
Going into the regions beyond
to have clinic...sometimes by
...sometimes by donkey!
But always to help
relieve suffering, with
prayer and medicine.
Sometimes the crowds have
to be held back, because the
people are so desperate for
Young Laricho had a
terrible leg infection. A
"medical person"
wantedto amputate his
leg, in order to save his
life. And a voodoo priest
put spider webs, crushed
egg shells and charcoal
ashes on it.
But 3 days after we treated
and prayed for him,
Laricho's leg looked like
this...a modern day miracle.
Both of little Evonnie's legs
were badly burned when
she turned a pot of boiling
rice over.
But thank God she was
completely healed, and the
Lord even took away the
Babies are
scrubbed with
betadine water
and antiseptic
This child, 1 1/2
years old, ceased to
be able to walk
when her mother
hung a voodoo
fetish around the
child's neck. We
broke the fetish off,
gave the mother a
"talking to,"and cast
the evil spirits off of
the child. Shortly
afterwards, she
began running
around everywhere...
Completely healed!