disruptive in class. And, anytime we walk into a classroom the Our
Haitian children are extremely well disciplined, and are never
students immediately all stand and remain "at attention," until we
give them permission to sit back down.
There are no lockers, so the
kids keep their backpacks
with them at all times.
Kids are kids...and some just
had to turn around and look
at the camera!
Teachers at work. You can see
another classroom in the
background to the right of
the teacher, but the classes do
not disturb one another.
No matter how crowded the
classroom is there is no
talking, pushing or shoving!
And, as you can see, these
children don't even have
desks, but do their work on
their lap.
Excitement over getting
notebooks and pencils.
Giving out toys at
Christmas time, a rare
privilege for a Haitian child
to have a real toy!
A goodbye wave
for you.