About Us
Eldon and Donna were married in 1958.  Since that time they  have
pastored churches in several states.

They are the proud parents of two sons. Ron is a medical doctor and
former Mayor of Red Oak, Texas, just south of Dallas. Ron currently
serves on the medical licensing board for the state of Texas. David has
been in the hotel business for many years, and is currently in the
restaurant business in the Dallas area. Eldon and Donna are “Poppie” and
“Doll” to four adorable grandchildren!

In 1973, Eldon and Donna made their first trip to Haiti, and they fell in
love with the country and with the people there. After ten years and several
trips back and forth, they moved to Haiti in March of 1983.

Since that time, they have pastored other missionaries, operated Christian
radio stations, and networked with other ministries, including Love A
Child, which is transforming entire regions of Haiti for God!

Donna serves on Love a Child’s board of directors, and Eldon is an
ordained minister with the Assemblies of God.

This is our Haitian administrator, Pastor Wilson Charles.  
He is senior pastor of a large church in
Petionville, Haiti. We don't know what
we would do without Pastor Wilson. He
not only takes care of much paperwork,
red tape, organizing projects, and
running errands, but is also a mighty
man of faith, believing that nothing is
impossible with God!
The Bryces pictured in their front yard in Haiti.