How you can make a donation to feed, educate, and give medical help to
the very poorest children in our hemisphere.
FEED A CHILD is an active mission in Haiti, the poorest nation in our hemisphere...feeding over
15,000 hot meals per month to hungry children, conducting medical clinics usually in connection
with one of our churches, and
educating children . Other outreaches include  evangelism training
in a different church each month, building
houses for the homeless , and  building churches and
schools in mountain and jungle areas.
Donna & Eldon Bryce
P.O. Box 2428
Red Oak, TX  75154
On the Air Direct From Haiti
Getting food ready to send out to the interior of the country.
These boxes are sent from
Feed My Starving Children,
Love A Child, and we are very grateful for all their
help. Each box holds approximately 150 meals!  We have also
bought thousands of pounds of rice, beans, cooking oil, spices
and meat to be taken to the precious children and adults.
Drilling wells... bringing good, clean
water to Haitian people who often
have to walk for hours in the hot
tropical sun, fill a 5 gallon bucket with
disease-ridden water from a stagnant
pool with death in it, and carry it back
home on their heads.
Little Reggie got his food first
and was so hungry, but
instead of eating he fed his
little brother Joel, who had not
been served yet!