Houses for the
Our friend Bobby Burnette always says that love is not something you just
talk about, but love is something that you do! So when the little stick and
mud hut village of Letant burned to the ground and the people had nothing
left, FEED A CHILD began working together with Bobby & Sherry and Love
A Child to rebuild the whole village with concrete block houses.
Mud & tick hut village of Letant
You see how excited these kids are
to see their houses going up!
(Left)Letant village - a small section
of 53 houses built after the fire.
Grandma Louis almost lost her foot when she was run over by a truck.
Grandma's foot after prayer and Donna's medical help.
Then she lost her little stick house
(behind her) when it was blown
down in a terrible windstorm.
Well, we couldn't leave Grandma
out in the rain and tropical sun,
so... up went Grandma's concrete
house, complete with furniture.
(Right) Then there was Lena...who
lived in this little hovel, and didn't
know about Jesus. See how sad she is?
(Left) Then Lena found Jesus...,
and she got a new house and
"real" furniture, too.
(Right) Now Grandma and Lena have
a new neighbor named Antine, who also
has a new house and furniture, and is
a happy little widow indeed!
Antine's new house...the envy of the
village. Now they all want their
houses painted this color! Antine
was homeless because her little mud
hut had caved in.
Grandma's beautiful new blue
house. The first new house in the
village, built after grandma was
run over by a truck, and a storm
blew her little stick hut down.
(Right)The tiny stick and mud
hut where Egzan and his family
of four did live.
front of their new home, which
is now finished and painted.
Egzan is now a turned-on
Christian because someone
cared enough to bless him,
Jessline, and their two children
with this new house and