Telling the Haitian people how much Jesus loves them, and that he died
for  them is very much a part of Feed A Child's outreach. One thing we
must remember in a poverty stricken country like Haiti is that the
people will never hear us when we talk about Jesus if they are starving to
death! We must show them His love by relieving their suffering before
they can hear the Gospel.
Donna giving food to some of the
very poorest of the poor. We worked in
this village for about a year before
anyone accepted the Lord.
When the stick huts in Letant
burned down, Joel Estime, local
witch doctor, had enough of
serving the devil. So he chopped
up the voodoo cross where his
little hut had been, knelt down
and gave his heart and life to the
(Left) Afterward, Joel won almost his whole
village to the Lord, and then went into the
surrounding areas on foot preaching as he
went... a modern day Paul the Apostle!
(Right) Eldon preaching far out in a
jungle area called Mapou.
Donna preaches by lantern
light in the bush country.
Eldon teaches people newly
converted from voodoo to
(Right) Our School of
Evangelism is training
young men and women to
win souls to the Lord in a
very concentrated and
intense program, which was
begun by our dear
Kentucky friend Mike
Humble. A new class
graduates each month in a
different part of the
country. These graduates
have won over 5,000 voodoo
worshippers to the Lord!
Our Haitian daughter, Paula
Celestin, is the director of the
School of Evangelism, and does
a fantastic job.
School of Evangelism
students in class.
The School of Evangelism
students are given three
meals a day during each
On the right, one our  
young evangelism
students shares the Gospel
of Jesus Christ on the
street. Many thousands
have been won through
street evangelism.