For just $20.00 a month you can feed a starving child a good hot
meal every school day, and of course, $40.00 will feed 2 children,
$60.00 3 children, and so on. And who knows..., you may very
possibly be saving their life! We've seen it happen many times.
First, the food is bought and
delivered to the mountain and
jungle schools...sometimes
carried by vehicle, and other
times by donkey, or on
villagers' heads.
Then the food is prepared and
dished out to the children
every school day.
Three little girls enjoying their
lunch of rice and beans, topped
with a sauce made from meat and
vegetables. We sometimes vary the
meals, but rice and beans is the
standard Haitian diet, and it's
what they love.
Just look what we got!
suppose you
can have just
one bite!
Boy! I just
can't wait
Waiting patiently...These
children have walked very far
through a jungle and had
nothing to eat before they left
home. Stop and think what
happens when a sponsor skips
a month...or two months...or
three! You can give food to one
or more of these children every
school day.
A nutritious diet
Both feeding and educating.
No matter how hungry they
are, girls MUST TALK!!